Design Dilemma: Styling Our Sideboard

Cincinnati-B-SideboardWe purchased this sideboard last summer and it’s in need of a stylish new look. I’m not overly concerned about the decorative objects that will sit on top of it. Of course, picking the right items of varying height as well of incorporating texture will help ensure a beautiful vignette is created. It’s the oversized mirror (that B purchased 11 years ago and currently hangs above it) that must go! But this has me wondering, “What will I put on the ‘blank’ wall?”


I like the idea of using a collection of art and then incorporating matching lamps to help focus the eye on the art.

The color scheme, the artwork, the white lamp and the plants all work together to create a soothing and calm environment. With life’s hectic pace, this is something I could get used to.


An eclectic wall gallery above the sideboard adds so much interest, color, and style to a home. It’s a unique way to document and tell a story of ones travels and experiences. A wall gallery like this is sure to spark some interesting conversations among your guests.


The black and white art adds character to the space. Incorporating the brass lamps creates symmetry and the gold vases adds an element of glamor. This space screams of sophistication, understated elegance and refinement. So grown up!


These shelves create visual interest and the idea of incorporating a bar on top of our sideboard has crossed my mine. But we’re more apt to open a bottle of wine than mix a cocktail.


I’m not opposed to incorporating a mirror or mirrors back into the space (yes, I know this is a bedroom with an oversized mirror but I think the principle is the same). In fact, I rather like the idea given our space is so small. Here is the mirror we’re thinking of hanging on the wall. Mirrors are a simple way to make a space feel larger than it is as well as make a statement. However, is has to be the right one in order to work.

Now that I have some inspiration, it’s time to take down our mirror and try out some new looks!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but in the meantime, what is your favorite sideboard look?

Images: Cincinnati-B Sideboard, Symmetrical Gallery Wall, Single Piece of Artwork, Eclectic Gallery Wall, Oversized Black and White Art, Shelving, Oversized Mirror

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