Workout Update – Week of May 9th


Well hello! Crazy how long I’ve neglected this space. Bygones!

While I haven’t posted in a while, I have been hammering the workouts! In fact, I’ve stuck with my routine of running 10K three days a week and hitting full body interval training three days a week. That’s a total of six works out a week for eight straight weeks. I assure you, by the end of week eight I was in need of a few days off as well as a massage.

Since switching up my workout routine I have once again gained 3 pounds. OK, I know 3 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot and while B has assured me it is muscle, it still impacts the way my jeans fit. So, I suspect in addition to changing up my workout routine I will eventually need to look at my diet. For now, I choose to focus on the workout aspect.

Since I’ve always been physically active I can easily make up my own fitness routines. However, I started following some fitness moms in my age bracket on Instagram and these ladies have been using Kayla Itstines’ Bikini Body Guide training program (for several months, which just proves staying in shape requires a commitment) and I love the results.

I gave Kayla’s program a try and found it to be extremely challenging. So, I have officially joined Kayla’s Army!

If you’re interested it giving it a try you can download a weeks worth of workouts for free from here.

I’m not ready to post any before/after pictures yet, but I look forward to sharing some soon.

Wish me luck!

Bathroom Inspiration


My mom is right sizing and moves next week into the condo she recently purchased. We toured the property with her while home over the new year. It’s a beautiful building with great amenities and located in a very nice area, but the condo itself is in need of some updating.

The building was constructed in 1979 and I doubt any updates, other than a fresh coat of paint, have been made to her unit since. This isn’t entirely a bad thing – she has a blank canvas to work with and can design the space to reflect her style. While she isn’t an ‘interior designer’ she has an eye for design and she has renovated pretty much every home she has lived in.  So, she knows a thing or two about the process as well as how to build sweat equity. 

And yes, she plans to transform the space into her home while living through a complete remodel.

Her home design choices have always been more traditional, but given our love of modern her taste is starting to shift. She isn’t ready to go all modern (yet) so transitional will give her the best of both worlds.

While she was out visiting, we discussed her overall vision and I introduced her to Pinterest and Houzz as sources of inspiration. She was absolutely blown away by the beautiful pictures and the resources on both sites.

Given she’s busy packing and getting ready for the move, I doubt she’s had time to pin. Since she reads my blog, I thought it would be fun to post some inspirational pictures here for her.

White-BathroomAll White BathroomBathrooms with white, grey and a natural wood create for a calm and inviting space.

Brick-Wall-BathroomI absolutely love the texture and warmth the brick wall brings to the space. Of course, this bathroom is a little too contemporary for her, but as she plans on incorporating a brick wall in the main living space, putting the same brick in the main bathroom will help tie the spaces together. 

Wood-BathroomsStep-In-ShowerWe are both drawn to black and white spaces. To us, black and white is always a good idea. Together these colors can create spaces that are both timeless and elegant.  The colors can easily be adapted to suit any design style, ranging from minimalist to traditional.

Accessibility is key given my mom just turned 75…I am loving the walk in showers and the shower bench.

Walk-In-ShowerShower-BenchGray-BathroomHard to believe, but grey spaces were once thought of as drab.  But these bathrooms are anything but boring. They scream sophistication! Pick the right grey and you can create a calm and soothing space. But be forewarned, getting the right shade is tricky.

Grey-BathroomWhile every space needs to be redone, her plan of attack is to start with the bathrooms.  Hope you like the pics, Mom and we look forward to seeing your finished bathrooms!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Workout Update – I’m Still At It


So, I haven’t been posting my fitness updates but I assure you I’m still at it.

I did however have a little bit of a setback. You know that bug I had in January? Well I thought it was gone, but unfortunately it wasn’t and I had to take a little more time off to allow my body to recover.

Fitness setbacks are very common and they happen to everyone. Whether it’s because of work demands, an injury, kids, or illness, unexpected situations can easily throw your workout routine off.

Getting back on track doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 5 things I learned from this setback:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Of course, I’m human and initially I was discouraged. But negativity wasn’t getting me back on track. It’s important to allow your body time to heal or deal with whatever situation is causing the disruption to your workouts.
  1. A little time off will not completely undo months of hard work. A little something B reminded me of daily.
  1. Go back to basics – when I was feeling 100% and ready to get back at it I scaled back my workout. Easing back into my fitness routine meant my body wasn’t too sore after my first workout.  This meant I was able to workout all week and really  build my strength and endurance back up.
  1. Splurge on a new workout outfit or running shoes. Believe it or not, feeling good about the way you look is a natural energy booster and will certainly put a spring in your step and get you back to the gym!
  1. Stay Focused on the goal. Setbacks happen but they are only temporary. You will get back on track as long as you stay focused on your goal.

If I can stick with this so can you.

How do you motivate yourself to get back into your fitness routine after a setback?

P.S. The ‘new’ running outfit pictured above was a birthday gift from J and I love it! 

Image:  C+C House

Birthdays Are Meant To Be Celebrated


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yes, my mom turns 75 today!?!

Unfortunately, we aren’t in the same city (or country) but we were together a few weeks ago and I used that opportunity to pull together a simple but festive birthday dinner.

With my mom’s friends and family back in Canada the celebration was rather small – just the four of us (A + L were with their mom). Even though we were small in numbers I wanted the celebration to feel big – I’ve always believed birthdays should be celebrated.

I know, “life is a gift and there’s no guarantee of tomorrow” so, really, everyday should be celebrated. But lets be honest, life can be pretty hectic and sometimes that gets in the way of appreciating every minute in the day. So, when a birthday comes around here, I tend to go over board.

My goal, however, was to create a simple, stylish, yet undeniably festive 75th birthday celebration.


Trust me, I could have (very easily) gone over the top with decorations. But I kept it simple with tissue paper pom poms, happy birthday banner, rhinestone cake topper and lots of sparkle. Yes, I ombre glittered the champagne bottle and  bejeweled the glasses. It was just the right about of sparkle – you know, to make it festive!

Glitter-Champagne-Bottle-C+C-HouseCheers-C+C-HouseIt was a fun evening and I am so grateful we had the chance to celebrate together. Albeit a little early.

How do you celebrate family birthdays?

Images: C+C House